Basic Webpage Design Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Website Design Tips To Help Avoid Beginner Mistakes

Website designing has become one of the skills that have become increasingly important in the recent times. Our current technology has made it easy for anyone to create a website that can be visited by using the internet. Because the web is one of the most popular mediums in our technological age, most people would choose to have a website for their own, whether it is for a personal or public use.

If you are simply beginning your path in website designing or if you are just trying it out first, then there will be some beginner mistakes that you will inevitably experience. While making mistakes may also bring you some lessons in the end, there are some errors that you can just avoid in the first place.

You may be a beginner website designer or an experienced one. No matter your years of experience, you probably have experienced the mistakes in this list. If you have not, you may well be on your away. Avoid these beginner mistakes so that you can easily see a boost in your website design skills.

1. You filled every single corner of your site.

Since every beginner website designer may become too excited to create their first web design projects, they sometimes go overboard with it. If you are in the same situation, then perhaps you have felt like no matter how many things you have placed on the website, it is still not enough.

However, it is enough. Do not feel the need to fill every single corner of your or your client’s website. Not only is there simplicity in beauty, but lacking space for your site may drive out potential customers and readers. While you should include the necessary details in your website design, do not feel the need to fill it with unnecessary fluff.

Make it easier for you and your audience by having some space in the pages of your website. Try to make a site that doesn’t overwhelm people because there is almost no space to be found. It will not only make your visitors happier, but it will also save you time.

2. You placed blocks of text on your website.

Since websites are used as communicational mediums, it is only natural for your current web design project to have some texts and messages on it. However, one of the most serious mistakes that beginner web designers make is placing blocks of texts everywhere. You may think that this will limit the information that you can share per page, but that is not necessarily true.

You can place much information on a single page. However, simply make sure that the page will not be filled with blocks and walls of texts. Summarize the paragraphs or add bullet points. Create numbered posts. Place some images in between the paragraphs. There are many ways for you to share important messages without turning your guests off with blocks of texts.

3. Overcomplicate your website.

Most beginner web designers may think that creating complex websites is better than creating simple ones, but that is not true most of the time. While there may be circumstances where building a complex system will be better, most of the time, a simple website can be enough for your current web design project.

Simply choose to build a website that has all the basics and add the necessary customizations. This is one of the most important tips for web design.

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